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  • 730 HQ2 Responses

    Responses from former Seattle residents concerning their opinions on whether DC would be a good location for the new Amazon HQ
  • 730 DC - Where We Live

    This dataset contains the results of 730 DC's mini poll of respondents' living situations.
  • DC CAS Results By Ward

    A less granular version of the former by residential Ward. For more information, 'DC CAS Results by Cluster' dataset offers another, detailed view.
  • Residential Cluster Data

    Provides the number of students in each school who live in a specific "neighborhood cluster," provided there are 10 or more students from that cluster. -Info from...
  • DC Neighborhood Cluster Demographics

    Neighborhood data about DC's 39 neighborhood clusters. Data scrapped from Neighborhood Info DC, a project of the Urban Institute and the Washington DC Local Initiatives Support...
  • School Boundary Participation Rate

    Includes in-boundary participation rates for DC Pulbic Schools, and the percent of a school's students that are in-boundary. Information from the DC Deputy Mayor for Education...
  • Projected Neighborhood School-Age Population

    From the Deputy Mayor for Education's Master Facilities Plan from Spring 2013.
  • HUD Consolidated Planning

    Consolidated Planning The Consolidated Plan is designed to help states and local jurisdictions to assess their affordable housing and community development needs and market...