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Traffic Counts - Annual Average - External Stations (2007-2014)
This layer was created by placing points where major facilities cross the TPB Modeled Area boundary. In some cases, the external station represents more than one facility. The facility field indicates which road or roads the station represents. AADT and AAWDT estimates at external stations are provided for 2010 through 2012. Each external station is assigned to a state DOT traffic counting station(s). An effort was made to assign stations or combinations of stations that would come closest to measuring the traffic volume on each facility as it enters/exits the region. In some cases, these volumes are measured just inside the modeled area; in other cases, the volumes are measured just outside the modeled area. The external stations around the Baltimore Beltway are exceptions to this rule. These stations all measure the traffic just south of the Baltimore Beltway in order lessen the influence Field Name Field Description ID TPB ID for external station Source Station Data source(s) for traffic volume data Facility Name(s) of road(s) associated with external station AADT Average Annual Daily Traffic (2010 – 2012) AAWDT Average Annual Weekday Daily Traffic (2010 – 2012) Count Type Denotes how traffic volume was calculated of traffic specific to Baltimore. The volumes at external stations in West Virginia were taken from the 2008 and 2011 West Virginia DOT Traffic volume maps. West Virginia does not report AAWDT, so the AADT values were increased by 5% to arrive at AAWDT estimates in West Virginia. . The table above contains attributes that appear in the layer’s popup window.

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