Department of Education Civil Rights Data Collection

Some potential uses of this dataset:

  • Explore equity between different groups of students

  • Show distribution of Advance Placement courses across schools

Content (853 MB) is a 1.3 GB (unzipped) dataset from (184 MB) is a 1.6 GB (unzipped) version of the same dataset in which every Excel workbook has been extracted into its constituent CSV files. Note that:

  • The name of each resultant CSV is in the form WORKBOOK-TAB.csv

  • For example, if the original workbook is named 01-LEA Form.xlsx with two tabs named "Definitions" and "Suppressed Data", then the resultant CSVs are named 01-LEA Form-Definitions.csv and 01-LEA Form-Suppressed Data.csv

  • The transformation from Excel workbook into its constituent CSVs is performed by a small Python script named found at (185 MB) has DC-only CSV files in addition to the ones in Their names all have the form *-DC.csv.


The dataset was downloaded by Chris from Dept of Ed onto his laptop.

Bosco copied it for the Teacher Data project - - for the Nov 12, 2014 HackNight at CodeForDC meetup; then uploaded to Internet Archive - - so folks don't have to bug Chris.

To Do

  • Extract a subset that's just Washington DC data

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